Shipping methods and prices

Country Business days Shipping Cost Min. price
UAE ≈ 5-10  3900 USD/kg
Georgia ≈ 5-10 4000 USD/kg
Azerbaijan ≈ 5-10 4000 USD/kg
China ≈ 5-10 4000 USD/kg

The shipping dates are calculated from the date the order reaches our international warehouse.

*The minimum price is calculated per parcel.

** China Standard (Sea Shipping) 1kg/1000 USD for the parcels that weigh more than 20 kg


Prime Way was set up in 2010 to become the leader in worldwide logistics. We felt that sending shipments around the world was difficult and time-consuming at times, so we decided to change that and become a client-oriented company that will take all the hassles of the shipment process and delivers outstanding service to the clients.

Prime Way offers a variety of services in the logistics space. We offer air cargo, sea cargo, packing, and storage services.