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We, at Prime Way, specialize in air cargo services across the globe. We provide air cargo services to over 65 destinations across the world. Our aim is to provide air cargo services of the highest level to all our valuable clients.
With our daily flights, we can assure you that your shipments will arrive in the shortest possible time to the required destination.
We have contracted with the leading airlines across multiple countries to get the best rates and delivery terms and to provide multiple options to our clients.
Our airfreight services encompass a complete range of solutions provided globally. Our vast experience in scheduling and clearance procedures combined with our network of offices enables us to provide the best quality of service and the best rates to our customers.
We analyze each customer’s requirements and prepare a unique solution to every customer to match their needs and be within their budget.

Superior Airfreight Services

A reliable air cargo company is one of the key components in growing your business globally and reaching new customers worldwide.

You can contact us for any of your air cargo services, and be assured that you will get the best service with Prime Way!

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Prime Way was set up in 2010 to become the leader in worldwide logistics. We felt that sending shipments around the world was difficult and time-consuming at times, so we decided to change that and become a client-oriented company that will take all the hassles of the shipment process and delivers outstanding service to the clients.

Prime Way offers a variety of services in the logistics space. We offer air cargo, sea cargo, packing, and storage services.