How to order on taobao from Dubai, UAE?

Prime Way will take all the hassles of the shipment process and delivers outstanding service to the clients. Buy Online in China Get it in U.A.E, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. The company Prime Way ship any item you purchased from China to your location.

Here we help our customers to purchase products from the Chinese website through the following steps.

How to register on “Prime Way“ website?

Step 1: Click on LOGIN/REGISTER button on top of the website or click on here
Step 2: Fill up register form on right side of the website with the appropriate details.
Step 3: Click on Register button once mandatery filed are filled.

How to set “My Home Address“?

My Home Address is set in your account dashboard after a successful login to your account. This is where your goods will be delivered to you. The following step help to set “My Home Address” in your prime way account.

Step 1: Login to your account using your username and password.
Step 2: Click on “My Addresses” tab on account page or from the top menu “My Account”.
Step 3: By click on “Edit” button on right side of the page will show an address form to be entered.
Step 4: Save your address bu click on “Save Address” button at the end of the page.

How to register on online shop Taobao?

Step 1: Go to the website Taobao
Step 2: Click “Free Register” link on top menu.

Step 3: There are 2 main steps for registration. 1st step for mobile number verification then step 2 for collecting your info. Choose your country from the country list and enter the mobile number. There is a verification section below the mobile number field. this can be verified by sliding arrow to right. For more details refer below image.

Step 4: Click on checkbox below the verification section and click followed by “Next” button.

Step 5: Next screen for a mobile number verification that you entered. A verification code has been sent to your mobile. You have entered this code to the “Verification Code” field and click button followed by the “Confirm” button.

Step 6: By click on “Confirm” button a form will appear. You have to enter your password, email, and username. Make sure all fields are filled and green tick on the right side. Then click on the “Submit” button on the bottom of the page.

Step 7: By click on the “Submit” button, the next success screen will appear with a success message if entered details are verified. This screen there is a link to the home page, click this link to buy items from the online shop.

Step 8: Choose the product you that you want from the website or search item then click on the product. you will get a page like below. you can customize your item with different variants.

Step 9: By click on product will open new page with product details. Here I choose the “ASH women shoes” product. below image showing the product detail page. you can select different colors or sizes from this page. similarly for other products also.

Step 10: Click “Buy Now” ( 立即购买 ) button if you only purchase one item otherwise click on the “Add to cart” ( 加入购物车 ) for multiple items buy together.

How to add shipping address in Taobao website?

Once you click on the “Buy Now” button on the product details page, a new popup will appear on the website to add a shipping address. The following images describe “How to set/add a new shipping address?”.

The procedure for purchase an item from the chines website as follows. The first step, place an order on the Chinese website. The purchased product ship to our(Prime Way) Cargo office in china. so you have to set your shipping address as our china office address on the Taobao website. just copy and paste our chines address from your “Prime Way” account under the section “My China Address”. Using this address you can purchase a product from the chines website Taobao and we will ship to your country. Follow the step to set up the shipping address.

Step 1 Choose country on popup. Click link on right side of the popup. (Refer image)

Step 2 From the second screen chose the country name. Click on the first blue button (Mainland China – 中国大陆) as a shipping country. Finally, click on the select button on the bottom of the popup.

Step 3 Next you have to fill address information. Click on the dropdown arrow to fill the province, district, city etc..
You will see the list of the province under the first tab. Select “广东省 (Guangdong Province)” from the list as a province.

Step 4 Next step, you have select city. choose 广州市 as a city under 2nd tab.

Step 5 Set area ( 荔湾区 – Liwan District ) and street ( 站前街道 – Standing street)
from list as per the below image.

Step 6 Next step to add address and mobile number. Copy address and mobile number under “My China Address” from your “Prime Way” account. Then click on “保存 – Save address” button.

Step 7 Click “提交订单 – Submit Order” button. this will redirect to the payment password page. you have to set a payment password.

Step 8 Finally, you will redirect to payment page. Choose the payment method and fill up payment details. then click continue. After a successful payment, we will contact you.


Prime Way was set up in 2010 to become the leader in worldwide logistics. We felt that sending shipments around the world was difficult and time-consuming at times, so we decided to change that and become a client-oriented company that will take all the hassles of the shipment process and delivers outstanding service to the clients.

Prime Way offers a variety of services in the logistics space. We offer air cargo, sea cargo, packing, and storage services.

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