Professional packing services that will ensure the safety of your valuable shipments

Packing is a vital step in a successful freight procedure. Proper packing of goods ensures that they are sent quickly, and arrive safely to the destination without any damage and risk.
Being a crucial step in the logistics process, we provide professional packing services to all our clients sending cargo from Dubai.

Being in the logistics industry for many years, we have created our own solutions in packing that adhere to international standards and ensure that your goods are packed properly and will be received intact.

We study each shipment individually and offer the necessary solution for each shipment.

Professional Packing Services in Dubai

Our range of packing services includes packing in cardboard boxes, bubble wrap packing, and other options based on the requirements. Regardless of the size, quantity, value, or fragility of your items, you can rest assured that all your shipments will be packed appropriately and will be delivered safely.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will take care of all the packing work for you!


Prime Way was set up in 2010 to become the leader in worldwide logistics. We felt that sending shipments around the world was difficult and time-consuming at times, so we decided to change that and become a client-oriented company that will take all the hassles of the shipment process and delivers outstanding service to the clients.

Prime Way offers a variety of services in the logistics space. We offer air cargo, sea cargo, packing, and storage services.

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