The best rates and greater shipment capacity delivered globally

While air cargo may be the answer to your logistics needs, sea cargo has a whole lot of advantages. Sea cargo enables sending of shipments to any country in the world that has a seaport while providing a less price than air cargo.
With our growing network of global partners and our experience throughout the years, we are confident in our top-level service quality and our best prices in the region.
With sea cargo, you can send larger goods, which wouldn’t be possible to send through air freight.

Our main office and warehouse are located in Dubai, which enables us to send sea freight shipments to any part of the world in minimal time.

Sea Freight in Dubai

Our team of professional industry experts will study your individual requirements and will provide a unique sea freight plan to suited to your business needs that will maximize the efficiency and keep the costs low.
Our long term operations have enabled us to partner with the leading sea freight handlers and government entities that enable us to minimize time and increase efficiency.

With Prime Way, you don’t have to worry about all the paperwork, as we will ensure that all the shipments adhere to international standards and that all the documentation is prepared correctly, so you can receive your shipments safely and on time.


Prime Way was set up in 2010 to become the leader in worldwide logistics. We felt that sending shipments around the world was difficult and time-consuming at times, so we decided to change that and become a client-oriented company that will take all the hassles of the shipment process and delivers outstanding service to the clients.

Prime Way offers a variety of services in the logistics space. We offer air cargo, sea cargo, packing, and storage services.

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